Thursday, August 6, 2015

1SG Samuel G. Jenkins Jr (Ret) Memorial Conference Room

     On August 19th the current A Troop Commander, Captain Chris Morrow will dedicate the 1SG Samuel G. Jenkins Jr (Ret) Memorial Conference Room.  The conference room is Rm 2-231, Bldg 650, Schofield Barracks. Sam served in both B and A Troops on 2 different tours with the 3/4 Cav in Vietnam. Sam was the 1st Plt Sergeant of A troop in 68/69. He was awarded 2 Silver Stars (one of which was awarded for action on Aug 19, 1968), 3 Bronze Stars, & 3 Purple Hearts. He will be an excellent role model and example for the NCOs in the troop today. Thanks Chris.

Seeking Information on Kenneth McGaughey

Kenneth McGaughey served in HHT, B, & D Trp Feb 67 to Feb 68 as a 63B wheel mechanic. His son Rodney is asking if anyone knew his dad. His dad passed away from agent orange related factors in 2011. He is working on a scrapbook for the grandkids.  Below is a photo of Ken.   If you knew Ken contact his son