Friday, September 9, 2011

Bob Maxey is in the Hospital

Fellow Troopers!  Bob Maxey, B & F Troop (68/69/70), fell and broke his hip and had to have surgery.  He is out of the hospital, but in a rehab center, called, of all things, the Holiday Resort. His wife Ardean doesn't know how long he will be there, but is making some progress.  His contact information is as follows:

Robert Maxey
Room 402
Holiday Resort
2825 Resort Dr.
Salina, KS  67401

Ardean asked that some of the guys be notified.  I think that a few get well cards would help to cheer him up some.  So, could you guys please take care of the notifications for her please.  If I remember right, he is 84 and a birthday coming up in December.  So it would be nice if he knows that he's not forgotten.


Fred Reese