Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New CD from 4th Cavalry Band

For those of you who enjoyed the 4th Cavalry Band at the reunion this year, they have released a new CD that is available for purchase.

The Old Arizona Brass Band, performing as the 4th Cavalry Regimental Band at Ft. Lowell, is proud to announce that we have just produced a second music CD that complements our very popular first CD issued in 2001. Both of these CDs are available for purchase for the price of $15. You can see both of our CDs, a sample of each song, and purchase information by clicking link:

The new Album is titled “Music from the Western Frontier, Vol. 2. The issue date is August 2010. This album is dedicated to the memory of the Band’s Founder, Ray Hicks (1937-2006) who is the person most responsible for the success of the Old Arizona Brass Band. Some of the songs on this album feature his outstanding cornet solos.

All of the music in this album was written in the 19th Century and typical of the music performed by Army Bands in the West in the late 1800’s. Much of the music on this album was regularly performed by Civil War Bands, as well. Included are a number of Marches, Waltzes, Polkas, Quicksteps, a Mazurka, a Quadrille and an Operatic melody. You’ll enjoy hearing the “Royal Decree”, a polonaise typical of the Grand March starting a Military Ball of the Period. Composers of the music on this album include Achille La Guardia, Patrick Gilmore, Claudio Grafulla, and Thomas Preston Brooke.

Songs on Vol. 2
1. Spirit of the North March
2. Moonlight Polka
3. Buena Vista March
4. Mayflower, Andante & Waltz
5. Express Train Galop
6. Polonaise “Royal Decree”
7. 11th U.S. Infantry March
8. Anvil Polka
9. Bohemian Girl
10. Gilmore’s Triumphal March
11. The Moon is Above Us
12. Skyrocket March
13. Graceful, Andante & Mazurka
14. Queen of the West Quadrille
15. “Marse Henry” March
16. Cavalry Quickstep

The Old Arizona Brass band is a 501 (c )(3) Non-profit organization. The band's website is:

If you enjoyed the band's performances at our reunion and purchased the first CD, this will be a great companion CD. If you enjoy military music this music is performed in the authentic musical style of a frontier Army band and is a great CD to have.