Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Use Maplandia for 3/4 Cav Locations in Vietnam

Fellow Troopers,

Doug Clapp sent these directions to use Maplandia to view the locations we fought at while in Vietnam. Follow his directions below.

Cu Chi Base Camp: Google 'Go Dau Ha Vietnam and select 'google satellite maps'. Go SE to Trang Bang. Go a little further on and look for where hwy 8 crosses Huong L02. At the V that is formed is the Cu Chi base camp. Perimeter road is still there but new gate. Ann Margaret gate is still there and look how built up it is there now. Squadron HQ and motor pools are pretty well empty. Airstrip is there. You can see where Div HQ was and the landing pad in front of the buildings are gone but new ones are there.

The Donut: Go back NW to Trang Bang and follow hwy 782 center on where 782 meets 784. Just above the jct is a small road/trail running ESE in a straight line through some orchards. It meets a canal that runs SW. Coming from the NE cross over straight ahead into the new satellite map. The road continues ESE passes under 2 little white clouds then road curves to NE. Then
stop. Go directly East 090 1 Km. A field mostly rectangle in shape with greenery bordering it with white whispy cloud above. That is where the Donut was. Now a large canal from Dau Tieng resevoir runs close by going SSE. It is lined by roads on either side with houses and driveways. No jungle, no bomb craters, lots of irregated fields and never in my wildest imagination 40 years ago would I have seen how the Boi Loi looks today!

Boi Loi Woods Jan 17, 1969 battle: Zoom out a little. You see where Hwy 6 seems to stop as it comes West. It stops being a yellow/white line. Keep going west on the road and where the road curves toward the SW was the site of the fight. Just beyond is almost the last of the Boi Loi as we knew it. You can see some bomb craters in there. The rest of the woods is
totally cleared and farmed. Amazing!

Fire Support Base Hampton: Center on Go Dau Ha and the bridge, then follow the Vam Co Dong river SSE. Just before the river curves to the SW, Go directly East to hwy 22 a road from the ENE runs into hwy 22.

Enjoy. You should be able to use Google Earth and do the same thing.

Thanks to Doug for providing these directions.