Friday, October 22, 2010

Complimentary Meals on Veterans Day

Fellow Troopers,

McCormick and Schmick's Seafood Restaurants are offering veterans a complimentary entree in honor of Veterans Day on Nov. 7, 2010. Veterans must provide proper ID to be eligible. Visit the McCormick and Schmicks website for details and to find a participating restaurant near you.

Applebee's salute the Military this Veterans Day. Applebee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar restaurants invite all active duty and veterans to one of 164 participating restaurants nationwide to pull up a chair for a delicious meal and heartfelt thanks this Veterans Day. With gratitude for their service and sacrifice, active duty and veterans will eat free at participating locations on Veterans Day (November 11, 2010) during regular business hours. See the Applebee's website for details.

Golden Corral will continue their tradition of providing all veterans a free meal for Veterans Day. Golden Corral will provide veterans a free meal on Nov 15th. See the Golden Corral website for details.



Thursday, October 21, 2010

Louisiana Veterans Honor Medal

Fellow Troopers,

If you are from Louisiana or know of any veterans from Louisiana. The State of Louisiana is presenting an Honor Medal to its Veterans for their service . The medal is for WWII, Korea & Vietnam veterans from all branches of the service. All medals may be worn over the neck or pinned on a jacket. Some medals are distinguished for veterans killed in action or wounded in action; others designate veterans who were prisoners of war. Information and link to download the application is available on this website:



Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cold War Certificate of Recognition

Fellow Troopers,

All members of the armed forces who faithfully served the United States during the Cold War era, Sept. 2, 1945 to Dec. 26, 1991 are eligible for the Cold War Certificate. It is easy to obtain. Just complete the form online & print it. Then fax it and your supporting document to the address on the form. The Army indicates it takes about 2 months to get your certificate but it has been less than 2 weeks recently. The Army is the managing agent for DOD, so make your Navy, Air Force, & Marine friends who are veterans aware of the program. Refer them to the U.S. Army Human Resources Command
Cold War Recognition Website
for more information.

Make sure you are recognized for your faithful service to our Nation during the Cold War by requesting your recognition certificate.

Thanks, SYIN!


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New CD from 4th Cavalry Band

For those of you who enjoyed the 4th Cavalry Band at the reunion this year, they have released a new CD that is available for purchase.

The Old Arizona Brass Band, performing as the 4th Cavalry Regimental Band at Ft. Lowell, is proud to announce that we have just produced a second music CD that complements our very popular first CD issued in 2001. Both of these CDs are available for purchase for the price of $15. You can see both of our CDs, a sample of each song, and purchase information by clicking link:

The new Album is titled “Music from the Western Frontier, Vol. 2. The issue date is August 2010. This album is dedicated to the memory of the Band’s Founder, Ray Hicks (1937-2006) who is the person most responsible for the success of the Old Arizona Brass Band. Some of the songs on this album feature his outstanding cornet solos.

All of the music in this album was written in the 19th Century and typical of the music performed by Army Bands in the West in the late 1800’s. Much of the music on this album was regularly performed by Civil War Bands, as well. Included are a number of Marches, Waltzes, Polkas, Quicksteps, a Mazurka, a Quadrille and an Operatic melody. You’ll enjoy hearing the “Royal Decree”, a polonaise typical of the Grand March starting a Military Ball of the Period. Composers of the music on this album include Achille La Guardia, Patrick Gilmore, Claudio Grafulla, and Thomas Preston Brooke.

Songs on Vol. 2
1. Spirit of the North March
2. Moonlight Polka
3. Buena Vista March
4. Mayflower, Andante & Waltz
5. Express Train Galop
6. Polonaise “Royal Decree”
7. 11th U.S. Infantry March
8. Anvil Polka
9. Bohemian Girl
10. Gilmore’s Triumphal March
11. The Moon is Above Us
12. Skyrocket March
13. Graceful, Andante & Mazurka
14. Queen of the West Quadrille
15. “Marse Henry” March
16. Cavalry Quickstep

The Old Arizona Brass band is a 501 (c )(3) Non-profit organization. The band's website is:

If you enjoyed the band's performances at our reunion and purchased the first CD, this will be a great companion CD. If you enjoy military music this music is performed in the authentic musical style of a frontier Army band and is a great CD to have.



Thursday, August 26, 2010

Combat Veterans Sought for Study

The Stress, Health, and Aging Research Project (SHARP) at the VA Boston Healthcare System is seeking participants for a study of their experiences and feeling of combat Veterans as they grow older. We are recruiting Veterans age 55 and older who have had combat experience. Participation involves completing several questionnaires that will be mailed to you and should take between 70-80 minutes, depending upon the number of questionnaires you are asked to complete. To thank you for your time, you will be given $20. Your responses will be confidential and used only for the purposes of the study. For further information or to participate, call 1-800-865-3384 Ext. 45309. When you hear the greeting message for the VA Boston Health care System, you may dial our extension (45309) immediately without waiting to hear the telephone menu choices. Only about total 65 surveys have been completed so far so please support this project.

Dr. Danny King, Phd (B Troop 68) is affiliated with the project. Association members at the Tucson reunion agreed to donate the $20 they receive for the survey to Association Chaplain Dennis Roe's Iraqi war orphan mission. Only 3 troopers have donated the $20 to the orphan project so far. We can do much better.

Send your donation to:
     WBM, Inc.      P.O. Box 212      Rising Sun, MD 21911  Note on the check: "Orphans Fund"

Monday, June 14, 2010

235th Birthday of the United States Army!

Fellow Troopers,

June 14th is the birthday of the United States Army. The Army has safeguarded our liberty for 235 years. Thank you to our Army men, women, and families for their service and sacrifice. Thank you Army veterans for your service.
Thank you for your service in A Troop 3rd Squadron, 4th Cavalry.

See you in Nashville!


Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

Today is a day to honor and remember those who sacrificed their lives for our Nation. Today I remember two young men, heroes, that I served with. SGT James Feeney, killed in action on February 2, 1969, and SGT Thomas Robertson, died of wounds on April 12, 1969. These young men are two of the eighty-seven members of A Troop 3rd Squadron 4th Cavalry who did not return from the Vietnam War. These men were among the best and brightest of their generation. We can not repay their families for the suffering and sacrifice the families have endured. We can honor those who have fallen and never forget their heroism. As I watched protests in Arizona this weekend, I hope the protesters both for and against Arizona SB1070 realize the reason they have the right to protest is because of the servicemen and servicewomen who sacrificed their lives to maintain our freedoms. Our military personnel who are deployed now are protecting our rights and freedoms. Keep them in your thoughts also this Memorial Day.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Use Maplandia for 3/4 Cav Locations in Vietnam

Fellow Troopers,

Doug Clapp sent these directions to use Maplandia to view the locations we fought at while in Vietnam. Follow his directions below.

Cu Chi Base Camp: Google 'Go Dau Ha Vietnam and select 'google satellite maps'. Go SE to Trang Bang. Go a little further on and look for where hwy 8 crosses Huong L02. At the V that is formed is the Cu Chi base camp. Perimeter road is still there but new gate. Ann Margaret gate is still there and look how built up it is there now. Squadron HQ and motor pools are pretty well empty. Airstrip is there. You can see where Div HQ was and the landing pad in front of the buildings are gone but new ones are there.

The Donut: Go back NW to Trang Bang and follow hwy 782 center on where 782 meets 784. Just above the jct is a small road/trail running ESE in a straight line through some orchards. It meets a canal that runs SW. Coming from the NE cross over straight ahead into the new satellite map. The road continues ESE passes under 2 little white clouds then road curves to NE. Then
stop. Go directly East 090 1 Km. A field mostly rectangle in shape with greenery bordering it with white whispy cloud above. That is where the Donut was. Now a large canal from Dau Tieng resevoir runs close by going SSE. It is lined by roads on either side with houses and driveways. No jungle, no bomb craters, lots of irregated fields and never in my wildest imagination 40 years ago would I have seen how the Boi Loi looks today!

Boi Loi Woods Jan 17, 1969 battle: Zoom out a little. You see where Hwy 6 seems to stop as it comes West. It stops being a yellow/white line. Keep going west on the road and where the road curves toward the SW was the site of the fight. Just beyond is almost the last of the Boi Loi as we knew it. You can see some bomb craters in there. The rest of the woods is
totally cleared and farmed. Amazing!

Fire Support Base Hampton: Center on Go Dau Ha and the bridge, then follow the Vam Co Dong river SSE. Just before the river curves to the SW, Go directly East to hwy 22 a road from the ENE runs into hwy 22.

Enjoy. You should be able to use Google Earth and do the same thing.

Thanks to Doug for providing these directions.