Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Trooper needs help on Purple Heart.

Fellow Troopers, if you were in the first platoon during August 1968, a former trooper's son is trying to get the Purple Heart awarded for his dad's August 68 wounds. See the request below. Please help if you can.


"Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Jeff Persons. My father, Harold Persons, was in 1st platoon A troop during 1968. He was injured by an RPG in a fire fight. Shortly after the injury occurred his mother fell ill and he returned state side. Due to the circumstances and the way things fall through the cracks in our military he was never awarded a Purple Heart. I am making an attempt to have him awarded the Purple Heart for these injuries. I am writing to see if you can be of any help contacting one of the guys that he remembers as being there when it happened. One name he mentioned was Sgt. White who passed away sometime after the war. Another person he remembers is Wayne Suddeth. If you can be of any help it would be greatly appreciated."

Thank you!

Jeffrey A Persons


If you can help, contact the website for Jeffrey's email address


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