Thursday, April 2, 2009

October Luau for SFC Nui and 3/4 Cav

Mel has received a couple of emails from SFC Nuiokealoha Aumua. Nui was the 3/4 Cav's representative to our last reunion. Nui and the squadron are currently deployed in Iraq. Nui will be hosting a luau when the squadron returns to Hawaii in October. All are invited. If you need to contact Nui email Mel or John for his email address.

Nui's Comments: Gents! Sorry I'm always sporadic at responding to emails. Long story short using AKO is really a pain. Well, I'm finally in country and was able to join up with my guys and begun conducting my missions once again along their side. Everyones doing great and awesome to be able to serve along side my men.
Just a little side note, my family is throwing a welcome back Luau for the Squadron and everyones invited... That includes all of you, and I'm mean everyone, and their families as well! It's going to be a big one, my family threw one when I returned from Afghanistan for 2-5 Bobcats and was planning on throwing one last year but we ran into some issues, lol! But the tentative date is set for Oct 30th, of course it may change if the Squadron is held here a bit longer than scheduled. Ive already spoken with LTC Hodne and CSM Stout and asked if they could pass the word to all the Troopers. Theres going to be entertainment (cultural dances), things for the kids to enjoy, and of course tons of food, plus part or the deal was that I dance so... Ha ha, Its been a few years and actually the last time I did was for the last Luau! Anyhow, the only thing required of the Association or the Squadron is help on putting out the word and an appetite!
My mother is the one planning anything so if there are any changes she is gonna know first. And if you have any questions feel free to contact her. Again sorry, for such late responses and please if you do have any other questions or concerns from any of the other veterans feel free to give them my email address as well.

Were all doing good and compared to the past deployments were living like fat rats. Except for one thing, lol, but I dont think that'll ever change within the Army... Chow stinks, ha ha, but I'm sure you know all to well how that goes. Take care, keep in touch, and same here let me know if any of the other Troopers need anything.

SFC Nuiokealoha Aumua