Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hall of Heroes for August

This August it will be 40 years since the Battle for Tay Ninh (Aug 17/Sep 27 1968) and the defense of Fire Support Base Schofield (Aug 24, 1968). It will bring back awful memories for our troopers who were there. It is also a time to remember 14 of our fellow troopers were lost during those actions and 2 troopers who were lost in other years. Take some time this month to remember these fellow Troopers who served with us and did not return. They made the ultimate sacrifice for their country and for us, their fellow soldiers. They will always be in our memories. The following heroes were casualties during the month of August:

CPT Earle Drake 8/6/67
1SG John Veara 8/19/68
SP4 Roy Harbaugh 8/19/68
SGT Terry Hodges 8/19/68
SGT Dwayne Kever 8/19/68
SP4 Alvin Langford 8/19/68
PFC Leonard Sexton 8/19/68
PFC Gilbert King 8/22/68
PFC Paul Parker 8/22/68
PFC Robert Sanders 8/22/68
PFC James Griffen Jr 8/24/68
SP4 Lewis King 8/24/68
PFC Peter Kovach 8/24/68
SGT David Rasmussen 8/24/68
SP4 Raymond Spinler 8/24/68
SSG Bruce Tindall 8/24/70

Through your generosity all of our troopers will have a memorial brick at the Scholfield Memorial Monument in Hawaii. We now have honored 73 of our 87 fallen troopers with a memorial brick. We will soon finish our brick project. Honor Our Fallen Comrades! Go to the Memorial Brick page for more information. Thank you for your support of this program!

If you have a story about one of these soldiers, want to post a remembrance, or make a comment just select the comment link below.