Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Reunion Update

Fellow Troopers,

The 3/4 Cav Reunion will be held in the Greater Cincinnati Area from 25 to 29 June, 2008. Here is the list of troopers planning on attending the 2008 reunion. Email us to add your name to the list. If attending you need to register ASAP. Registration forms at the association website. Thanks!
Don Appler (66/67)
Oren "OD" Albright (68/69)
Bill Baum (68/69) & Marion
Art Bonevich (63/66) & RoseMarie
Richard Bradley (66/67) & daughter Abigail
John Bubriski (66/67) & Kyoung
Alfred Ray Coe (1970)
Doug Clapp (69/70)
Bill Coomer (1968) & Carol
Dave Cox (65/66) & Diana
Geoffrey Cushing-Murray (1968)
Larry Heath (1968)
Howell Hicks (63/67)
Earl Hornung (1966)
Steven Huff (66/67) & Marlene
Bill Imrie (65/66) & Jane
Edward Johnson (67//68)
Walter Jones (1968) & Susan
Jerry Klar (68/69) & Pat
Oleh Koropey (1966)
Robert Martchink, Jr. (66/67) & Barbara
Cabell Martin (67/68) & Terry
Micheal Maxon (69/70) & Debby
Roger McGill (65/66) & Cathy
C. R. McElroy (66/67)
John Moore (68/69) & Becky
Mel Moss (68/69) & Linda
Rich Nagel (69/70) & Marlene
Rod Nishimira (68) & Linda
Brian "Doc" O'Keeffe (68/89) & Janet
Gene Peters (1968)
Layton Pfost (63/66 & 68) & Alice
Howard Phillips (66/67) & Dianne/Shane
Bob Rahnefeld (69/70) & Maryanne
Dave Rivard (66/67) & Chris
Charles Salas (66/67)
Roger See (1968)
Wil Selsor (69/70)
Walter Shinall (65)
Les Stafford (66/67) & Mary
Pat Szenasi (68/69) & Beth
John Tarhalla (67/68) & Emma
Stephan Van Rie (68/69)
Ronnie Walker (1968) & Fern
Harry Watson (68/69) & Marci
Gene Yonke (1968) & Barb


Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Day 2008

Greetings Fellow Troopers

Last year I wrote that unfortunately for many of our citizens Memorial Day is a day off and a barbecue. The real meaning and purpose is lost to them. I am now feeling that things are changing. This morning I went to church and instead of the usual sermon the church spent the entire hour honoring those who have sacrificed in service of our nation. A veteran from WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and the Gulf War from our congregation was interviewed in a in video about the effect their war had on their lives. The pastor related their sacrifices to the freedoms we enjoy today. Members of the congregation who served our country were called up to the stage and presented an engraved medal from the church thanking them for their service. All of us were deeply touched by this gesture.

Of course the real purpose of Memorial Day is to honor those who did not return. This past weekend I know that you will have taken a moment to remember our fallen comrades and their ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms and way of life. 85 of our fellow troopers during the period April 1965 to September 1970 made this sacrifice for us their fellow soldiers and for our nation. We owe it to them to honor them in our thoughts and actions. My thoughts were on 3 fine young men who did not return: Sgt Thomas Robertson, 2nd platoon; Lt. Charles Ayres, 3rd platoon; and Sgt. James Feeney, 1st platoon. Many of you I know participate in local Memorial Day ceremonies. Some of you participate in Rolling Thunder at the Vietnam Memorial in Washington D.C. Your actions help honor these heroes. The actions and service of these heroes is a credit to our nation. They should not be forgotten.

If you have a remembrance of a fallen comrade or other story about one of our 85 fallen heroes, please feel free to post it here.



Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hall of Heroes for May

Take some time this month to remember these fellow Troopers who served with us and did not return. They made the ultimate sacrifice for their country and for us, their fellow soldiers. They will always be in our memories. The following heroes were casualties during the month of May.

SP4 John Carmack 5/12/67
PFC Raymond Gibbs 5/12/67
SGT Clarence Husk 5/12/67
SP5 Frederick Taylor 5/15/68
PFC Steven Rugar 5/15/68
PFC Theodore Bradshaw 5/21/66
PFC Ollie Sauls 5/27/68

Memorial bricks still need to be purchased for these soldiers. Go to the Memorial Brick page for more information.

If you have a story about one of these soldiers or want to post a remembrance just select the comment link below.