Sunday, September 30, 2007

Reunion 2008 Update

Alpha Troopers,

We have heard that D Troop is again throwing anyone they can find into a Huey for the reunion. We are getting tired of the helicopter drivers having the highest attendance. A Troop has been close to the top in attendance for the last 2 reunions. We had 40 troopers at the last reunion. We have 23 commitments to attend the Cincinnati reunion so far. Encourage any former trooper you know to attend the Greater Cincinnati Area Reunion in June 2008. Someone told me that A30, Geoffrey Cushing-Murray, is treating to Cincinnati's famous Skyline Chili. Here is a list of troopers planning on being at the 2008 reunion:

Dave Cox (65/66) & Diana
Bill Baum (68/69) & Marion
Art Bonevich (63/66) & RoseMarie
Larry Smith (67/68) & Barbara
Howard Phillips (66/67), Dianne, & grandson Shane
John Phelan (69/70)
Doug Clapp (69/70)
Charles Pierce (65/66) & son
John Moore (68/69) & Becky
Gene Yonke (1968) & Barb
Earl Hornung (1966)
Roger McGill (65/66) & Cathy
Richard Bradley (66/67) & daughter Abigail
Oren "OD" Albright (68/69)
Mel Moss (68/69)
Lonnie Dotson (69/70) & Allie
Geoffrey Cushing-Murray (1968)
Manny Montanez (68/69) & Lynn
Bob Schneider (67/68) & Diane
Cabell Martin (67/68) & Terry
Bill Imrie (65/66) & Jane
Harry Watson (68/69) & Marci
Rod Nishimura (68) & Linda
Walter Jones (1968)
Trent 'BUTCH' Lingafelter (1969)

You can email us at the A Troop website to add your name to the reunion list or to get more information on the reunion.

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Later, John

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Military Medics - Our Heroes

Fellow Troopers,
I recently read a wonderful news report about the heroism of an Army medic and surgery team in Afghanistan. The Army medic, the medivac crew, and the field hospital surgeons all cared for and treated a wounded soldier who had an unexploded rpg lodged in his abdomen. As a side note the wounded soldier who recovered refused to receive his Purple Heart until he was able to walk to receive it. You can read the news article on the ABC website here. Our young servicemen and woman serving in the medical field today are doing great work in support of our soldiers. This article reminded me of the medics who served in our platoons and troop in Vietnam. I will always remember the courage of Charles 'Doc' Jones, 1st platoon and later troop medic. Doc Jones could always be counted on to be where the action was no matter how dangerous the situation. His personal courage was demonstrated time after time. He was wounded himself while treating others during the battle in the Rubber on Feb. 2, 1969. James Brian 0’Keeffe, 3rd platoon and later troop medic, is another of our heroic medics. James won the Silver Star for his actions on Jan. 17, 1969 in the Boi Loi Woods. With complete disregard for his own safety, Brian exposed himself to a heavy volume of fire as he dismounted his vehicle and moved to the aid of his wounded comrades. As he neared the burning APC, he killed a Viet Cong soldier who was preparing to fire at the vehicle. Reaching the beleaguered APC, O’Keeffe killed another enemy soldier who was moving towards his position. One of our medics made the ultimate sacrifice performing his duties. Alvin Langford gave his life while treating the wounded on August 19, 1968 during the Battle for Tay Ninh. The medics who rode with our platoons and troop were among the most admired and respected members of the unit. While they were actually assigned to headquarters troop, they always supported us with great valor, courage, and sacrifice. Thank you medics!

If you would like to add a story about one of our medics, select the comment link below.